Love Cry

The Love Cry challenge is designed to support injured and wounded veterans with intimacy and the battle for love.

Help Our Injured Veterans To Rediscover A Life Filled With Passion, Purpose, And Pleasure

Join The Love Cry 28 Day Challenge

Can you even begin to comprehend what a life without intimacy would be like? Just imagine never really connecting with someone special again or experiencing another touch, embrace, or kiss… Unfortunately, this is the silent battle many of our wounded warriors face when they return home. And it’s time for someone to speak up. That’s why we’re initiating a dialogue for this taboo topic.

The Love Cry 28 Day Challenge is an interactive movement designed to support the mission of “Making Love After Making War," a documentary that tells the stories of injured vets who have won the battle for love after returning home.

The challenge is a dare for those who are brave enough to get emotionally vulnerable on camera. Show up and show out. The more outrageous your cry, the better.

Simply get on screen and declare your love for someone. It can be a lover, friend, relative… Heck, you can even profess your love for yourself. It’s up to you whether you perform the cry sitting down, dancing in the street, shouting from the top of a building, sipping a latte, or lounging in a library. Make it your own. Who knows. You might reconnect with an old flame or get a proposal out the deal. ;) 



If you’re ready for combat, the rules of engagement are listed below:

  • Get on camera and boldly profess your undying love for someone or something
  • Make your love cry anywhere between 30 seconds and 3 minutes
  • Only dedicate your love cry to one person at a time
  • Nominate 3 or more people you would like to participate in the challenge by stating their name(s) on camera and tagging them.
  • The nominee has the option to perform the challenge or forfeit by donating a minimum of $10 to the “Making Love After Making War” project.
  • Encourage donations to the project even if you participate in the challenge 
  • Donate Today
  • End your love cry with this signature phrase:
  • “Donate to help our injured vets with making love after making war.”
  • Share your video using #LoveCry

<<I’m ready to get closer to the one I love.>>