Even When Happiness And Fulfillment Seems Impossible

Even When Happiness And Fulfillment Seems Impossible

A silent epidemic is sweeping across our community of injured vets. It’s destroying relationships and invading lives. But there is a cure. And you have the power to write the prescription.


Join Dr. Mitchell Tepper for an exclusive online training where you’ll learn:


•How to take the “taboo” out of a sensitive topic that’s been stuffed in the closet for decades

•One way you can prevent wounded warriors from committing suicide

•How to stop psychological trauma from chipping away at the foundation of human interaction

•How to help injured veterans heal their relational wounds

•The power of touch and why it can restore relationships

•How you can immediately begin impacting the lives of our courageous men and women who are suffering in silence

•And so much more


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March 15, 2017 at 3:00pm - 4pm
Digital event

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