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Meet Dr. Mark Schoen

My friend and colleague, Dr. Mark Schoen has joined the team as producer and director of the “Making Love After Making War” documentary. Mark is a human sexuality educator and filmmaker with over 30 years of experience. Two of Mark’s most notable films are “Trans” and “Game Face.”

Both groundbreaking documentaries are featured on Amazon Prime and Netflix.


We are truly honored to have Mark’s expertise and support throughout this amazing journey.

Kat and Aaron Causey: First couple scheduled for interview on love after war!

love-after-war-family-shot.jpgWe are scheduled to interview our first couple, Kathleen Harris Causey and Aaron Causey, on Sunday and Monday for the Making Love after Making War documentary.

Like Coming Home Causey to learn more about them. 

Text BRAVE to 27722 to donate $10 to the "Home For A Hero" community campaign and bring the Causeys back to 'Bama to build a safe and accessible home!