LOVE AFTER WAR at United Spinal Association

United Spinal and its VetsFirst program are pleased to offer our community the opportunity to view a free screening of ‘Love After War: Saving Love, Saving Lives’, a 57-minute documentary that introduces viewers to veterans and their partners who candidly share how they won the battle to restore emotional closeness and physical intimacy after surviving catastrophic combat-related injuries. The inspiring film also features insights from experts in the field of sexuality and disability.

The free screening is available December 3rd, 12 am – December 10th, 6 pm EST. Register here to stream the documentary starting December 3rd.

Please join us for a live one-hour Q&A discussion with Dr. Tepper and Crystal and Tyler from the Film  on December 10th at 6 pm CT. Register here to join the discussion on December 10th.

Produced, written and directed by United Spinal member Dr. Mitchell Tepper, ‘Love After War’ delves deep into the intimate lives of injured veterans and their partners. It is a story of patriotism, courage, sacrifice, true love, physical and emotional pain, altruism, coming home, and sexual healing. The accounts illustrate how each veteran profiled in the film faced the challenges of returning home with a disability and musters up the courage and fortitude above and beyond what was needed for war to restore their sexuality and rebuild their romantic partnerships.

December 03, 2021 - December 10, 2021