Love After War

Supporting Intimate Relationships for Wounded Warriors and Their Families

"People who return from deployment with a serious physical or mental disability bear a disproportionate burden of marital stress and divorce than their non-disabled counterparts."

The RAND REPORT, Families Under Stress: An Assessment of Data, Theory and Research on Marriage and Divorce in the Military (2007)

Everyone deserves a fulfilling life. Healthy intimate relationships add meaning to life and can contribute to a person’s recovery from physical and psychological trauma. Too many of our soldiers are returning home with catastrophic physical and mental wounds that leave them feeling unable to have intimate relationships. Many wounded warriors and their families haven’t been told that a healthy, satisfying sex life and even having children are possible for them. 

There is hope for our disabled veterans. A film featuring wounded service members and their partners has been started by Dr. Mitchell Tepper to show real life examples of disabled veterans reclaiming healthy, fulfilling relationships despite their injuries. This documentary will raise awareness of the issues that disabled veterans face and will be the beginning of the Love After War online community. You can help disabled veterans recover their love lives. You can get them the support they need. You can help tell their stories. The fastest way to get this video to service members and their loved ones is to back it right now. If you can’t contribute directly, sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn helps get the word out to those who are ready to invest.
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Meet Dr. Mark Schoen

My friend and colleague, Dr. Mark Schoen has joined the team as producer and director of the “Making Love After Making War” documentary. Mark is a human sexuality educator and filmmaker with over 30 years of experience. Two of Mark’s most notable films are “Trans” and “Game Face.”

Both groundbreaking documentaries are featured on Amazon Prime and Netflix.


We are truly honored to have Mark’s expertise and support throughout this amazing journey.

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Thank you Mitch for ... your passion and compassion and continued to commitment to our warriors, as well as the nation, as it relates to the gap in mental health services that we have.

Dr. Richard Carmona
17th Surgeon General of the US and Vice Chairman of the Canyon Ranch and the Canyon Ranch Institute

My father is a retired USAF Gen. and is in the final stages of Parkinson's caused by exposure to Agent Orange as a fighter pilot in Vietnam so I have a huge admiration for what you are doing.